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      Dynamic Impact

      Knife Shear

      Salt Spray

      All Round Security

      All Havengard® products are tested at the NATA certified facility Azuma and are certified to the Australian Standards for all security products sold in Australia.

      Up to 25 times stronger than the required Australia Standard.

      All Havengard® screening has been tested and certified to both Australian Standards for security (AS5039) and the Australian Standard for cyclonic debris impact requirements for North West Australia (AS1170.2-2011). ‘Cyclonic Standard’ is 25 times greater than the minimum Australian Standard impact standard.

      Havengard® is the only company that offers the Cyclone Grade Australian security standard across the whole product range.

      Havengard security solutions exceed Australian standards which are independently tested by Azuma Design,  one of Australia’s largest privately-owned compliance testing and engineering companies.

      Grip Lock – The secret to  All Around Security

      Havengard’s patented Grip Lock wire screen retaining technology provides the all around strength to meet both Australian Standards for domestic and cyclonic applications.

      Grip Lock’s unique continuous extra strong interaction between the mesh and frame means the stainless steel mesh will not pull out of the frame even after a prolonged attack.


      Cyclonic Standard – The toughest test

      The Australian standard impact requirement for security screening is 5 impacts of 100 joules. That’s about the same as a 48 Kg child running into the screen. As a comparison the ‘Cyclonic Standard’ consists of a single impact of 2580 joules which is more than 25 times greater.

      Havengard® screening passes this test with ease. All Havengard® products can be made to Cyclonic Standard for extra all around strength if required.


      Many break-ins are achieved by kicking or shoulder barging the security screen, until it gives way. Dynamic impact testing measures how well a security screen resists this type of attack.

      The Australian standard dynamic impact test requires a security screen to resist 5 single impacts of 100 joules each.  As a force of 100 joules is the equivalent of a 48 Kg child running into the screen, Havengard® designed their security doors and windows to be considerably stronger than the Australian standard requires. In fact Havengard® ‘Cyclonic Standard’ passes the Australian standard for driven debris impact (AZT 0227.15) which requires the screen to resist penetration in a single impact of 2592 joules.

      All around security against jemmy lever attack

      All Havengard®  windows and doors meet the toughest Australian standards for jemmy attack.

      The jemmy test is designed to simulate a typical break-in using a jemmy or similar lever such as a heavy screwdriver. The test involves inserting the jemmy between the closing channel and the frame, and applying a rotational force of no more than 45kg.

      To pass the test the security screen door must remain locked and a window security screen must remain securely fastened.

      All Havengard’s security screen doors and windows fitted with Havengard’s patented Grip Lock system passed the test with ease.

      Made in Australia, built for Australian conditions

      Many Australian homes are built within harsh coastal environments where extended exposure to salt spray can reduce the structural strength of security screens as well as degrade paint and protective coatings.

      The test involves exposing the screens to 480 hours of a 5% concentrated salt spray at 35 C. The screens are then examined closely for signs of corrosion or coating degradation.

      Havengard®  screens easily passed the Australian Standard AS 2331.3.1-2001 corrosion and related properties test, which is the equivalent of 5 Years exposure to harsh Australian conditions.


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      Havengard® security screening systems are engineered to provide maximum all around security, comfort and safety. All Havengard® doors and windows feature the patented  ‘Grip Lock’ mesh retaining system.